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6/21/2017 Intuitive TEK

Intuitive TEK Process Consulting

Your planning process can let you down if your plan is inaccurate or out of date, or lacks buy-in. This is particularly true if it falls short of being strategic enough to drive business success. A problem like this may make you wish for someone to find the holes in your process. If that sounds familiar, let us be your detective. Intuitive TEK now offers a Process Consulting Program to improve your planning process. Our process consultant can help you decipher your current process and turn it into continuous planning, that is, a best-practice, active planning process that drives business success.


Here is what our process consulting can help you build:

Solid Planning Culture

  • Client-specific objectives of budgeting and reporting
  • Analysis of the company and its planning history
  • Insight of what works/doesn’t work
  • Results-oriented goals and key players

Solid Planning Methodology

  • Data systems reviews
  • Flowchart of what goes into the budget and what comes out of reporting
  • Modeling and formula logic
  • Sequencing, users security and data flow process development

Solid Planning Results

More Information

If you want to take advantage of our Process Consulting program, email Sarah at for more information.


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