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IDEA Public Schools Finds a Thought Partner in Intuitive TEK’s Solution-Oriented Team 

Intuitive TEK’s consistency and smart, responsive staff make it an essential partner for IDEA Public Schools.

Successful non-profit charter school networks tend to expand rapidly. To support the ambitious academic and financial goals that come with expansion, leaders need to be informed decision-makers. Having quick access to the whole data picture is vital to budgeting, analysis and long-term planning. Pesky version control issues, trouble tracking changed assumptions, and difficulty building and customizing reports trip up the decision-making process.

IDEA Public Schools knows this all too well. That’s why they switched from Excel to Adaptive Insights. Vice President of Financial Planning Leanne Hernandez explains: “Adaptive Insights allows us to layer additional relevant data points like student attendance and performance alongside financial data to better support decision-making. It also allows us to uniformly present data across states despite different account coding.”

Now IDEA is able to effectively support leadership through creating pro forma budgets, what-if scenarios, and internal and external reports with ease. Hernandez attributes this success to Intuitive TEK’s expert implementation and staff—particularly, Senior Consultant Jeff Collins: “Jeff has been a fantastic partner and essential to our implementation. We appreciate that we’ve been able to consistently work with Jeff, and he is able to respond to our questions quickly.”

She also appreciates that Collins showed her staff how to make Adaptive Insights “their own” by training them how to build and update within the application.

With regard to charter schools, Hernandez is optimistic about partnering with Intuitive TEK: ”I definitely like the idea of creating charter school experts on the Intuitive TEK team who are available for ongoing technical support, additional instances and new customers.”

IDEA looks forward to a lasting partnership with Intuitive TEK and all the benefits it gains: additional training, troubleshooting and continuing customer care.

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