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Intuitive TEK’s Problem Solving and Amazing Knowledge of Adaptive Insights Take the Stress off XenoPort

Intuitive TEK’s quick thinking and expertise help XenoPort’s VP and CFO swiftly solve a cash flow formula issue.

The Biotech industry is wrought with volatility. Among other factors, it depends on the success of clinical trials and FDA acceptance, so being able to plan alternate scenarios for budgets and forecasts is essential. Fortunately, XenoPort found Adaptive Insights, which allows finance to budget and update forecasts quickly and efficiently. Before Adaptive Insights, XenoPort had to input plan changes then track down and wait for IT resources to update the system, making it challenging to perform timely budgets and scenarios.  Caroline Lepiane, Senior Director, Financial Planning and Analysis retells this painstaking process: “We lived in a constantly changing world... having to wait for IT to update the system meant we weren't able to provide a quick turnaround during budgeting/forecasting exercises.”

After Intuitive TEK implemented Adaptive Insights, XenoPort was able to create numerous scenarios quickly and efficiently. Lepiane adds, “Cash flow and data integrity were vastly improved once we went to Adaptive Insights.  The admin time for data checking to make sure the calculations were correct went down enormously.”

Lepiane credits this feat to Intuitive TEK: “Intuitive TEK was integral to the success of our Adaptive implementation and support.  Intuitive TEK really took it up a level and helped us use more features than I used at my prior company―cash flow planning, cube sheets, OfficeConnect. They were invaluable in the setup as well as ongoing support.”

When an unsuccessful clinical trial prompted discontinuing a program, which resulted in a cash flow issue, Lepiane recalls how Intuitive TEK Implementation Manager Kevin Green saved the day: “Kevin got back to us in less than an hour and knew exactly what was going on with a formula that was off. It was a great experience that eliminated a lot of stress for my VP and CFO.” 

Lepiane says she enjoys working with Intuitive TEK because the team is friendly, always willing to help and has an amazing knowledge of Adaptive Insights.

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