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Western Container Greatly Benefits from Intuitive TEK’s Tailored Model Creation of Adaptive Insights

Intuitive TEK’s understanding of Western Container’s changing needs helps finance get the most out of Adaptive Insights.

In manufacturing, change is inevitable—especially when companies strive to stay cutting edge and competitive. When technology, cost of materials and machinery change, FP&A needs to keep up the pace. Manufactures like Western Container Corporation know this all too well. Often Western Container needs to make assumptions “late in the game,” as Regional Plant Accountant/Budget Specialist Amie Schmidt puts it. Without the right tool, last-minute changes are problematic. Western Container saw this firsthand. Using a previous program, finance experienced issues: “The program was very static; we could not make any changes as our company and its processes changed,” says Schmidt.

With Intuitive TEK’s implementation of Adaptive Insights, finance acquired this much-needed functionality. Schmidt explains, “If the cost of our raw material changes or an increase to our sales is forecasted, they can be easily updated across the model. We are also able to make duplicates of our budget versions to make changes in non-public versions, such as forecasting new business, and changes in facilities or machinery that may be only experimental or just not yet public.”

Schmidt adds that Intuitive TEK’s initial model creation and training ensured that they were able to build on the model each year as her business changed and grew. She explains, “During the implementation, Intuitive TEK made themselves available to us, kept us up-to-date on progress and were transparent and inclusive. They were very open to training and giving us the tools we would need to maintain our own system.“ 

She also appreciates Intuitive TEK Director of Consulting Garth Lumb: “Garth worked very hard to ensure that we stayed on our target for our timeline in order to make the program available to our leadership for our budgeting schedule.”

For Schmidt, Intuitive TEK’s customer care and understanding of their changing needs make Adaptive Insights a big success.

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