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Ryan Companies Finds an Indispensable Resource in Intuitive TEK for Its Budgeting Process

Exceptional training from Intuitive TEK’s staff gets Ryan Companies’ accounting team up and running with Adaptive Insights without a hitch.

Construction is an intricate industry that requires quick, dependable budgeting, streamlined finance processes and reliable organization-wide data. This cannot be properly executed with error-prone systems like Excel, which is notorious for version control issues and linking problems that cause unnecessary rework and lack of confidence in the numbers. Ryan Companies is no stranger to the downsides of Excel. Controller Sarah Toepke remembers vividly: “Each time a change was made, the entire universe of spreadsheets had to be re-linked. When the Excel functionality failed, sometimes we wouldn’t get error messages; something simply would not calculate, and the numbers wouldn’t make sense.”

But that all changed with Intuitive TEK’s flawless implementation of Adaptive Insights. Gone are the days that the numbers don’t “make sense.” With data integrity, Ryan Companies is confident the real-time numbers are correct. The company is also happy to add a streamlined annual budget process, exceptional reporting and security restrictions to the list of Adaptive Insights benefits. Another key to the implementation was Intuitive TEK’s know-how. It was tasked with getting Adaptive Insights to seamlessly work with Ryan Companies’ ERP solution by JD Edwards. Because the Intuitive TEK staff has extensive experience with JD Edwards’ ERP structure, it was able to make the systems compatible with precision.

Additionally, Ryan Companies entrusted Intuitive TEK to train the accounting team on Adaptive Insights. Senior Staff Accountant Renee Hanson, who had no prior experience with Adaptive Insights, gives Intuitive TEK a glowing report: She says that it has been over a year since she has had to reach out to Intuitive TEK. She adds: “Everything has been running smoothly; I have been trained well.”

Intuitive TEK has been vital to Ryan Companies’ success with Adaptive Insights. Hanson enthusiastically agrees: “They’re so helpful! I could not imagine not having them as a resource.”


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