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Intuitive TEK and Peak Vista Community Health Centers Partner to Discover New Ways to Use Adaptive Insights

Peak Vista seeks out Intuitive TEK’s guidance to get the most out of Adaptive Insights’ convenient features.

The nonprofit sector of healthcare has unique demands when it comes to finance. Not only do finance teams need to create budgets for each department, they often need to manage grant funds and awards, and project staffing levels and salary costs for an ever-changing workforce. Peak Vista used to manage all of this with spreadsheet-based tools. Paul Masar, Peak Vista Vice President of Finance remembers the painstaking process: “It often required manual manipulation. Several of the spreadsheets had linking formulas to create summary totals, and any change to supporting spreadsheets would impact formula linking.”

When Intuitive TEK implemented Adaptive Insights for Peak Vista in 2016, great changes were on the horizon. At first, Peak Vista used Adaptive Insights primarily to enhance its budgeting process. But after consulting with Intuitive TEK, Masar says that they identified other handy uses, such as tracking grant awards and creating a Position Control List to get a “snapshot” of staffing needs to project workforce and salaries. They also learned how to get better control over approving/limiting access to restricted data like salary information.

Intuitive TEK’s recommendations are still paying off. Masar points out that these solutions allow them to “shift their time from maintenance and upkeep to forecasting, review and strategic projections based on different scenarios.“
Masar applauds Intuitive TEK’s committed guidance. He likes its fast response to his team’s needs and willingness to allocate staff resources when it encounters problems. That’s why Peak Vista considers Intuitive TEK a trusted advisor of Adaptive Insights.

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