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OneAZ Credit Union Finds a Trusted Advisor in Intuitive TEK When Leveraging Adaptive Insights’ Capabilities

Professional support from Intuitive TEK’s helpful staff keeps OneAZ abreast of Adaptive Insights’ bells and whistles.

Today, credit unions demand hassle-free financial reporting that comes from a single source of trusted, up-to-date data. OneAZ Credit Union uses Adaptive Insights for just that: fresh, live and reliable budgeting and reporting. Prior to implementing Adaptive Insights, OneAZ spent a lot of time inputting and saving budget numbers then pulling it all together to run reports. But what OneAZ really wanted was a cloud-based solution that didn’t require its busy IT department to install applications on multiple machines and deal with processing issues. Enter Intuitive TEK: In 2011, Intuitive TEK successfully implemented Adaptive Insights, delivering exactly what OneAZ required and more.

Since then, OneAZ Credit Union Senior Vice President and Controller Mike Boden has become a fan of Adaptive Insights: “We have been able to increase accuracy and reduce the cycle time of preparing the annual budget as well as implement a rolling forecast to help make quarterly business decisions based on known risks and opportunities our plan faces.” He adds, “Adaptive has evolved to be an important part of our ability to model the financial implications of strategic decisions as well as tactical expense management.”

Not to mention, Intuitive TEK makes it easy to be a fan of Adaptive Insights. The expert staff provides OneAZ with ongoing training and gives feedback on model changes, notably those involving forecasting. Additionally, Intuitive TEK has been instrumental in negotiating contract renewals with Adaptive Insights. Boden appreciates Intuitive TEK’s constant consultation: “The Intuitive TEK staff who has helped us over the years has been very professional and helpful in suggesting ways to leverage Adaptive Insight’s capabilities. They keep us abreast of enhancements and tools that could be useful to us as we work to model our business results.”

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