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Lunds & Byerlys Touts Intuitive TEK’s Expert Implementation, Team and Negotiation Skills

Intuitive TEK’s professionalism and excellent service help Lunds & Byerlys be better financial planners with Adaptive Insights.

Retail is a unique industry with unique needs. And planning is king. To be successful with the planning process, leaders need to know what the plan is, how they are performing compared to plan, how to determine variances, and what actions they can take to get on the same page. At any given time, leaders need to be able to plan and analyze headcount needs, model the impact of new stores, and gain real-time insight into sales and operational performance to make quick informed decisions. With Adaptive Insights, Lunds & Byerlys achieves just that. Finance Director Gwen Hendrickson says, “Adaptive Insights added an air of professionalism to the planning process that we did not have before. Users like and trust Adaptive Insights, which makes them respect the planning process of the organization.”

Before Adaptive Insights, errors were commonplace, planning was time-consuming, fewer people could be involved in the process and making last-minute changes was not possible. Hendrickson remembers this all to well: “In Excel, we had hundreds of documents, so the potential for errors and time commitment was great.”

But that headache disappeared with Intuitive TEK’s masterful implementation of Adaptive Insights—an implementation completed in 2011 that Hendrickson still touts today: “Our implementation of Adaptive Insights is consistently used as an example of a good software implementation, even to this day.”

Since the implementation, Intuitive TEK has done so much more: “They’ve helped negotiate contracts and have been a great liaison between our company and Adaptive Insights,” Hendrickson adds.
She especially appreciates Intuitive TEK CEO and President Brian Storrs’s involvement: “We’ve received great pricing working with Brian to negotiate contracts.”

Overall, Lunds & Byerlys enjoys working with Intuitive TEK: “The team is very approachable and down-to-earth. You can have candid conversations with them. They know their stuff and provide honest answers,” says Hendrickson.

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